Sunday, January 23, 2011

Farewell party

Hola all..

Dulang dulang sangat happy coz we r are able to expand our business into the corporate world ;) this is our first corporate event (just a small one...for a start)  ;)...many more to improve...but thanx for the opportunity ;) enjoy the pics from the farewell party held at Sapura Hall....thanx to Maryam ;)

 the entrance deco

 the stage deco...the theme was we put small2 make it a big giant frame

 the wall deco

 frames of Mr.Babu....

 the hall...

 flower arrangement with pics of Mr Babu n staff...mums...pompoms, orchids and hydrangea
 additional calla lily for VIP table

 chair deco for Mr Babu and his wife...

 wishing tree table

we do:
entrance deco
table centre piece
wall deco 
stage deco
wishing tree 

call us for more info ;)
jules : 017.343.96.11

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